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Ancient and Classical Rome

This page links to a group of web sites relating to Ancient Rome. They were put together by people with an interest in Roman history and archaeology. We are adding to the collection all the time and welcome contributions from anyone who has something to say on the subject. We would particularly like to add links to sites with quickly downloadable good quality graphics. (Will move to faster server if demand justifies.)

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The site has been redesigned. The most popular of our existing features will still be available but there will be some interesting new features in the next few months.

Current highlights of the site are:

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13 May 07: If you have visted the site recently, you may have seen some odd effects. This has been the result of an experiment at implementing a "lightbox" in JavaScript. Unfortunately it has hit a few incompatabilities with other scripts here. Hopefully all problems will be resolved very soon. We have been slightly more sucessfull at implementing a new font system for headlines.

05 May 07: We have added a sitemap, have a look and let us know what you think. In due course it will be styled to match the rest of the site but it is not as easy as it first appeared.

01 May 07: The next contribution to be added will be an Introduction to Ancient Rome aimed at school students from about age ten. This should be online by late summer 2007.

17 Apr 07: The site specific search has been removed and replaced with an Etrusia-wide search script. As well as being easier to maintain, this will have the benefit of allowing you to search the whole of Etrusia for information, rather than carry out specific searches on each subdomain.

Etrusia.co.uk welcomes your feedback and any submissions of material.

Previous news items (old site)

  • 27 March 05: Uploaded a bunch of pictures from Pompeii. If you have any of your own that you would like to see here send an email to heather@etrusia.co.uk with the details.
  • 1 March 05: We have moved this site to be part of the Etrusia.co.uk History sites and therefore it is now running on a more stable server. Still havent had a proper chance to update things, sorry. Please keep the submissions coming in though, they will get looked at soon!
  • 29 October 04: Sorry - been slack in updating - trying to convert 3d animation of Roman villa to web browsable format, but got too involved in trying to get impressive water particle systems in peristyle garden rather than just doing a simple job. Will have it online as soon as possible.


Our most recent article is about about Pompeii - The Buried City. Previous articles, such as the Marius’ Reform of The Roman Army, Roman Politcs in the late Republic period and the Romano-British Amphora Trade are still available.

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