Roman Domestic Politics in the Late Republic - 100-44 B.C.

Bibliography and References

The narrative of domestic politics of the late Roman Republic is based on accounts in the following works:

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Ancient Sources

Some original source material can be found in the following accounts, and are usually available in Loeb Classical Library or Penguin translations:

Appian - "Bella Civilia" (Civil Wars), containing accounts of the political conflicts of the late Republic.

Caesar, Caius Julius - "Bellum Civilum" (The Civil War). Caesar's own narrative on the conflict between himself and Pompeius. See also the "Bellum Gallicum" (Gallic Wars) for the background of Caesar's conquest of Gaul.

Cicero, Marcus Tullius - "Epistulae ad Quintum Fratrem" (Letters to his brother Quintus); "Epistlae ad Familiares" (Letters to Friends); "Epistulae ad Atticus" (Letters to Atticus). See also the translations of Cicero's law court speeches (e.g. "Pro Cluentio", "Pro Roscio Amerio" "Pro Caelio", "Pro Milone", "In Verrem", etc), and other speeches (e.g. "De Imperio Gn. Pompeio", "De Lege Agraria", "De Provinciis Consularibus", etc).

Livy (Titus Livius) - "Ab Urbe Condita" (From the Founding of the City); A history of Rome since its foundation.

Plutarch - "Lives". Several biographies of well known Roman politicians, including Sulla, Marius, Sertorius, Pompeius, Crassus, Caesar, Cato, Brutus and Marcus Antonius.

Polybius - "Histories". Accounts of Rome in the early and middle periods of the Republic by a Greek political hostage in Rome.

Crispus, Gaius Sallustius (Sallust) - "Historia", "The Conspiracy of Catiline" and "Jugurthine War". The first survives only in fragmentary form while the latter charts the rise of G. Marius.

Some Modern Accounts and General Reading

Cambridge Ancient History - Volumes VIII - X.

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