Appian - Civil Wars - I.XIV.121.

Appian speaks of the rivalry between Pompeius and Crassus at the onset of their consulates in 70:

Crassus acomplished his task within six months (i.e. the defeat of Spartacus), whence arose a contention for honours between himself and Pompey. Crassus did not dismiss his army, for Pompey would not dismiss his. Both were candidates for the consulship. Crassus had been praetor as the law of Sulla required, Pompey had been neither praetor nor quaestor, and was only thirty-four years old. He promised the tribunes of the people that much of their former power should be restored...

Later, after both men were elected to the consulate,

Crassus yielded first. He came down from his chair, advanced to Pompey, and offered him his hand in the way of reconciliation. Pompey rose and hastened to meet him. They shook hands amid general acclamation and the people did not leave the assembly until the consuls had given orders in writing to disband their armies.

Appian, Bella Civilia I. XIV.121. (Trans. Horace White. Bell & Sons, London, 1899.)


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