Cicero: Letter to Atticus I.16

Cicero writes to Titus Pomponius Atticus of events leading up to the aquittal of P. Clodius, Rome, July 61:

You know Baldhead (i.e. Crassus)...Inside a couple of days, with a single slave (an ex-gladiator at that) for go-between, he settled the whole business - called them (i.e. the jurors in Clodius' trial) to his house, made promises, backed bills, or paid cash down. On top of that (it's really too abominable!) some jurors actually received a bonus in the form of assignations with certain ladies or introductions to youths of noble family.

Cicero - ad. Att I.16 (Trans. D.R. Shackleton Bailey, Penguin Classics 1978).


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